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Principal use
Support for medial, lateral or anterior instability of ankle joint
Stabilize ankle after surgery
Product features
●Moderate support with adjustable guard
●Open-front design provides excellent fit and accurate support regardless of foot shape.
●The FRTP(fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic) guard has been designed based on the average of anatomical data collected by the 3D measurements for each size to reduce discomfort.
●Planter section of the brace is made from STRAFLEX™, a thin breathable material.
●Strap across at the front of the ankle bone to form a figure 8, providing anterior, medial and lateral support based on figure 8 taping techniques.
●Heel strap enhances support by connecting to the FRTP guards on both sides.
* Choose the size based on your shoe size,
If the measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.
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Item number Size Shoe size
F452801 S 19-22 cm
F452802 M 22-25 cm
F452803 L 25-28 cm
F452804 XL 28-31 cm


Item number Size Shoe size
F452811 S 19-22 cm
F452812 M 22-25 cm
F452813 L 25-28 cm
F452814 XL 28-31 cm