• Rehabilitation

(Cold Liquid Circulating System )

Principal use
Decrease bleeding, swelling, pain caused by trauma and surgery. Relief pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia by cooling.
Product features
●Sophisticated Cryotherapy Device for early Recovery.
●Constant and Precise Temperature Management (0℃ to 13℃) depends on the patient's symptoms.
●Designed to be as quiet as possible not to disturb patient's sleep or others.
●Error code will appear in the temperature display(TEMP.)and alarm sounds.
●Alarm will sound when it reached the setup time.
●AIRFIT UNIT to fit perfectly to each individuals and provides effective cyotherapy.
●Easy-to-wear Universal Pad, Easy setup&Easy operation
●CE4000 Complete Set
Main Body/1unit, CE4000 Universal Pad Set/1set, CE4000 Universal Sheet/10pcs, CE4000 Hose/1pc, Circulating Liquid/1bottle, CE4000 Drain Tube/1pc, Power Cable/1pc
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Product name Item number Qty. per box
ICING SYSTEM CE4000 565000 1 set


  • CE4000 Universal Cooling Pad

  • Universal Cooling Pad

  • Universal Cooling Pad Large

Product name Item number Qty. per box
CE4000 Universal Cooling Pad 561119 1
Universal Cooling Pad 561111 1
Universal Cooling Pad Large 561114 1
AIRFIT Unit 561156 1
Air Pad 561155 1
Didposal Knee Cover 561126 10 sheets
Pad Cover Large 561123 10 sheets
Pad Sheet 561132 20 sheets
Pad Cover Regular 561122 20 sheets
Circulation Liquid 561100 1 bottle
CE4000 Hose 561153 1
Pad Accessory 561120 1