• Treatment

Accellus mini
(LIPUS Bone Healing System )

Principal use
Accelerate Healing of the Fractured Bone
Product features
●Bone Healing System using LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) to accelerate forming new bone at the fracture site.
●World’s 1st Wireless LIPUS device with compact design for comfortable treatment.
●Only 20 minutes treatment per day.
●Cradle for recharging the device & checking the ultrasound output.
●Safe & non-invasive LIPUS device with easy application.
●Standard Set
Accellus mini Device, Accellus mini Cradle, Battery Charger, Ultrasound Gel,
Silicon Strap
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Product name Item number Qty. per box
Accellus mini 578000 1 set


  • Ultrasound Gel

  • Silicon Strap

Product name Item number Qty. per box
Ultrasound Gel 575101 1
Silicon Strap 575301 1