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KNEE SPLINT Flexion type

Principal use
Splinting for knee disorders, post knee joint surgery recovery and during rehabilitation.
Product features
●Knee splint that provides precise support.
●Stays on the back of the knee can be altered to suit the shape of the patient’s leg.
●Both sides of the knee splint have two tubular pockets (stay covers).
●Position of the stay can be adjusted either the front or the back.
●Breathable material at the back of the knee splint decrease clamminess.
●Cushioning material is applied to the back of the knee to relieve the local pressure exerted by the stay at the back
* Select a size based on thigh circumference. Measure the circumference of the thigh 10 cm above the center of the kneecap.
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Item number Size Product Length Thigh
Circumference / Length (cm)
Qty. per box
301101 S 48.5 cm 33-41 cm / 26 cm < 1
301102 M/L 48.5 cm 41-53 cm / 26 cm < 1
301112 Long M/L 52.0 cm 41-53 cm / 29 cm < 1
301114 Long LL 52.0 cm 53-65 cm / 26 cm < 1