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Principal use
Stabilization after clavicle fracture repositioning
Product features
●Moderate compression with thick cushioning material.
●Reduced compression on the armpit.
●Angle of the strap cushion can be adjusted based on shoulder width.
●Double fastening system of an adjuster and Velcro tape allows for secure fastening.
●Twisting is prevented with a plastic stay in the back pad.
●No metal parts used.
* How to measure:
<Men> measure the chest circumference
<Women> measure the underbust circumference
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Item number Size Reference measurements (cm) *
F15601 2XS Men : 40-50
Women : 40-50
F15602 XS Men : 50-60
Women : 50-60
F15603 S Men : 60-70
Women : 60-65
F15604 M Men : 70-85
Women : 65-80
F15605 L Men : 85-115
Women : 80-115
F15606 XL Men : 115-150
Women : 115-150