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Principal use
Stabilization of the cervical region
Product features
●Soft polyurethane foam for the inner parts and hard polyurethane foam for the outer parts provide both comfort and a secure fit.
●Polyurethane foam with an antimicrobial, odor-resistant finish is used for the core.
●Form stable resin is built into the core to help form an easily wearable shape.
●Removable cover is made of soft cotton material.
●Both the cover and the core are washable.
* Contains latex rubber
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Item number Size Neck circumference Height at center of the product
F311000 XS 25 - 30 cm 7.5 cm
F311001 S 30 - 35 cm 8.0 cm
F311002 M 35 - 40 cm 8.5 cm
F311003 L 40 - 45 cm 8.0cm